Does you master bath vanity works for you?

This is it! You finished to renovate your dream master bedroom! Lucky you-now you have your masterpiece ready for use! What??? You looked at your master bathroom vanity and it does not look good in connection with your dream bedroom now… Kind of… not even kind of.. totally different style from your bedroom furniture… so obvious…

What you should do??? You have the choice!  Replace your traditional vanity with side board, put the plumbing and amazing  countertop sinks and you will have outstanding result:



Do not like your oak stair case? Renovate it!

Many houses in Cagary, Alberta, Canada have this brown or golden oak star case spindles or even worse-the drywall wall which blockes the view and looks totally outdated.

We can help your house to open its “eyes” and look gorgeus again!  We will replace outdated wood spindles with perfect wrough iron beauty, re-finish the railings to math your existing hardwood and your home entrane will look so outstanding-everybody will compliment it!

We have picutre gallery , take a look at our website:

How to make Ikea Kitchen look like custom made? Tips and tricks-share experience

We have at home Ikea kitchen. I came to this decision after looking at a lot of options with a lot of companies and custom- made kitchens from designers.

We added nice light valance with grapes design, corbels under the countertop, big crown mouldings and with corbels above the stove and my Ikea kitchen now looks like totally custom-made, with beautiful glass doors.

If you would like to see how my kitchen looks, go to our website contact page and ask for photo and I will send them to you: