Does you master bath vanity works for you?

This is it! You finished to renovate your dream master bedroom! Lucky you-now you have your masterpiece ready for use! What??? You looked at your master bathroom vanity and it does not look good in connection with your dream bedroom now… Kind of… not even kind of.. totally different style from your bedroom furniture… so obvious…

What you should do??? You have the choice!  Replace your traditional vanity with side board, put the plumbing and amazing  countertop sinks and you will have outstanding result:



About Great Owl Renovations Inc, Calgary

Calgary renovations contractor- Great Owl Renovations Inc is a family-owned and operated business, founded in 2001 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company was named after Great Horned Owl-provincial bird of Alberta. Great Owl Renovations Inc is a full service residential general contractor known for complete customized renovation services. We specialize in remodeling, renovations and additions. We supply and install cabinets for: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, home staging, rental property make overs, maintenance for Property Management companies, renovation for offices and provide storage solutions to your house. We take full responsibility for all the aspects of your renovation project from the city permit to the final completion. Our team is fully experienced at home improvement and renovation projects.

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